Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking for Something on Craigslist and Boston.com

I found Craigslist a little intimidating. I would like to take a class this Fall, but when I looked on the List, I found the listings by day tedious to scroll through. Keywords in search were not sucessful. Next, I looked for halloween type things.
On the List, in events few things were listed. On Boston.com a search of Halloween brought up last years events, and a link to the Salem's Witches page.

Shopping on the Web, Getting Things You Can't Get in Boston

I don't do much of it -- but once in a great while there is something I can't get anywhere else. That something is perfume. A passing fancy. So here is my link to a comment I made on Luckyscents. http://www.luckyscent.com/shop/detail.asp?itemid=15204&section=&rv=on

Social Networking It Seems a Little Forced

I have a few groups I follow -- one is the EBAG@yahoogroups.com from which I get regular emails. I follow what is going on with artists in the area. It also includes events and meeting that are designed to try and bring environmental justice to East Boston. I particpate in the Chelsea Creek Action Group and receive regular email from them. There are some blogs that are fun to look at -- the blog for craftzine magazine and boing boing.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Making My First Post to Librarian's Third Eye

It's another day in the digital ditches. Got to run and get a book for someone.
So Long