Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dreams of User Friendly Library Applications

If I had the skills I would revamp the Boston Public Library's Electronic Resources page by using learning tools I came across by looking at Webjunction and Wikiversity and other sources I have learned about over the past weeks. I think if we could have a chat like sidebar, manned by a librarian on the webpages for Infotrac and othe databases, then people having difficulty with finding information would have someone to help them right then and there.

Also, having a tutorial with hints on how to get full text articles, how to send the articles to themselves in email, and how to narrow or widen a search. It would take some planning to accommodate the last searching problem.

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the zak said...

What's needed is a guide to problematical library use. It appears feedback, comment, concerns, suggestions and questions are regarded with antipathy at our Boston Public Library.